A Comprehensive Guide To Selecting High-Quality Women’s Purses

A Comprehensive Guide To Selecting High-Quality Women’s Purses

There is no question that handbags are a convenient accessory. Why? Well, you can put so much of your essentials in it – plus, you can also quickly upgrade the purse or bag as per your wardrobe or the current fashion trend. However, the real problem is finding the right type of handbag – one that doesn’t suck.

More often than not, handbags are exceptionally ergonomic and provide comfortable functionality – even the ones that look nice. But at times, some of the most functional product you find turns out to be one of the ugliest.

Stylish Handbag

That is pretty much why so many women own a treasure trove of handbags and have a need to buy even more as trends change – (which is every 2 or 3 months).

But as handbags can become a considerable investment – (as they can knock off $100 or $200 out of your bank account), you need to look for something that is completely worth it in the long-run.

Fortunately, you are in luck – this comprehensive guide will talk about different ways you can use to look for products that don’t suck – and that means buying a handbag that does not put a strain on your shoulders, doesn’t, poorly fit and perfectly balances your practicality and looks.

Understand The Purpose And Style Of Your Handbag

One of the most fundamental things to consider when buying a handbag is how you plan to use it and what are going to put in the bag. You also have to think what you will wear with the product, how you will carry the purse, etc.

Young Woman Holding Handbag

For instance, if you are opting for something you can carry all day long – you should go for a lightweight, multifunctional handbag. A cross-body purse is perfect for this occasion. It will not be smart to buy something like a leather satchel – or a purse that has rather short straps or handles.

You can also buy a classy shoulder bag that has enough room to enable you to put your documents and a small tablet or laptop inside. When it comes to styles, there is a slew of products you can select. We’re going to get to that a bit later.

Handbags Ideal For Your Body Type

Besides the purpose of your purse, it is vital to consider how a certain product will go concerning your body type and physique, similar to how you would buy a dress or a pair of pumps. Not to worry, we’re going to tell you what you should look for in a handbag:


The size of the product should align with your body type. Petite women or ladies with a short height appear slightly taller carrying a short purse. However, they will appear a bit shorter if they carry a bulky-looking bag.

On the other hand, women that are tall and petite look slightly bigger with short handbags compared to carrying a mid-sized or an overly larger purse – which makes them appear nicer.

Handbag Shape

The shape of the purse you opt for must not be by your body type – it should be the opposite. Women with a short height look a bit taller carrying a rectangular, slightly tall handbag. Similarly, petite and tall women look perfect carrying a mid-sized, round purse.

Handbag Length

It is critical to consider where the bottom of the purse hits you on the body. For example, short handbags accentuate your bust size, making the area look slightly larger. Or you can select an option that has long straps so that no one notices. However, a majority of women look stylish and chic wearing purses that hang near their torso.

You should also consider buying a handbag that balances your body-type. For instance, if you’re round or pear-shaped or if you’re shoulders are a bit smaller compared to your hips and waist, go for something like a satchel purse.

Handmade Leather Purse

A handbag such as that one can help accentuate your top as the bottom of the product lands close to your hips and waist. On the other hand, if the width of your shoulders is equal to your hips and waist – you will look trendy carrying a hobo-bag.

Whenever you plan to hit the store to buy a new handbag, it is critical first to try it on and look yourself in the mirror. Select a purse that is in-line with your style rather than buying a product that clashes with your body-type and dress-sense.

Some Important Points That Will Help You Distinguish A Crappy Handbag From A Top-Notch Purse

No doubt everybody has their preference when it comes to style and fashion sense. However, if we look beyond this, you must agree that a handbag can last for more than two to three years and can cater to all your needs whether you go on a date or merely keep your credit cards and some keys in the accessory.

In light of this, mentioned below are critical signs that the handbag you are selecting is beyond crappy:

Overloaded With Compartments And Pockets

Sure, you might like a product with additional compartments, especially when it comes to organizing your stuff. However, the pockets inside and outside such handbags are often not sufficient enough to store most of your things. Or they could be so big that you need to reach deep down to just to grab your car keys.

They Are Just Too Heavy

According to a study posted by the USDA, an average purse should weight just about 2.2-lbs to avoid shoulder and back pain. However, on average, a woman’s handbag weight around 5.5-lbs – which is a recipe for joint and muscle pain.

Sub-Par Straps

For enhanced flexibility and comfortable fit, go for adjustable handbag straps. However, if you cannot adjust them, select a purse that with straps that aren't too short or long for your body-type. Moreover, refrain from buying straps that are too thin, they can be uncomfortable and stick right into your shoulders.

Poor-Quality Materials

When it comes to leather purses, it is vital to understand that the product should feel soft and smooth. Refrain from buying a handbag that appears shiny and plasticky and stiff. Fabric handbags or non-leather purses should look and feel sturdy and not thin and perishable.

Bad Quality Purse

Moreover, it is also vital to check whether or not the products are weather-proof. Don’t ignore the linings insider – they should not appear flimsy or loose at the corners.

Essential Things You Should Look For In Your Potential Handbag Before Buying It

Stitching Type

It is vital that your bag should have proper seaming and consistent stitching. If you find loose threads in the corners, don’t buy the purse. Moreover, if the handbag has a stitch pattern, check whether or not the interior print is in-line with the seams. If they aren't, don’t buy the bag. Plus, don’t forget to slightly pull on chains or embellishments to see if they’re sturdy or just fall right off.

Zipper Quality And Clasps

One of the sure-shot ways of determining whether or not the handbag is top-notch is to check the zipper-quality. Every zipped pocket and compartment should open smoothly and effortlessly. Similarly, other hardware such clasps or buckles or buttons should function neatly as well.

Strap Connection

The seams connecting the bottom of the handbag with the straps is a critical area to inspect. That is because it will bear the brunt of the weight of your bag. Moreover, it is better not to select purses that have handles stitched at eh side of the bag or at the edges. Don’t go for such straps as they will quickly break and fall off.

A Negligible Amount Parts Or Seams

It is simple, a lot of seams, latches or other embellishments there are on the purse, the more likely you will break it in the first couple of months. And that won’t be your fault. You see, a lot of leather pieces stitched close to one another also equals to plenty of seams, which in turn equates to a weaker, low-quality bag. So select a handbag that does not have so many embellishments.

Miscellaneous Details

There are plenty of things that can help determine a quality bag from a crappy item. For example, look for legs stitched at the bottom of the purse to keep it from getting dirty when you put it down. Look for exterior pockets where you can keep miscellaneous stuff like receipts and whatnot.

Showing Bad Quality Purse

Types Of Handbags You Should Consider Buying

When it comes determining the most used and functional accessories in our day to day lives, handbags take the cake. They are the most overused items you have. From keeping your valuables safe to helping you store a slew of different things, imagine a day without your purse – you can’t right.

However, with so much variety and options, it can be a bit difficult to zero-in what you should buy. You need to steer clear of items that aren't the price. However, mentioned below is a list of the types of handbags you should consider getting your hands on right now!

The Leather Satchel Handbag

Among other types of purses, the leather satchel has a reputation that of a workhorse. It is sturdy, has plenty of storage, and you can put all of your essential stuff in the accessory. The handles of the bag are medium to large, and the product comes in various colors and patterns.

However, most women go for dark brown or black. But refrain from buying a white or tan purse as it can get dirty a lot quicker. Plus, don't buy a leather satchel bag embellished with a slew of logos and whatnot.

Moreover, be sure to select a satchel bag that fits your body-type. Sure, you will fall in love with plenty of items in the store, but it is vital to opt for a product that aligns with how you look and dress.

If you’re tall, don’t for a considerably smaller purse – or you would just appear as if you’re carrying someone else’s bag. Similarly, if you’re short and petite, buy a handbag that does not look like you can fit into the product.

Laptop/Messenger Handbag

Messenger purses are slightly bigger than crossbody bags – and are ideal to carry during a work week, especially if you are a commuter.

Plus, women’s laptop bags are also fantastic for people who need to keep electronic items such as portable chargers and whatnot with them all the time.

Hobo Bag

Hobo handbags are timeless accessories. No matter their shape, design or the level of sophistication, these purses can provide you with a lot of effortless comfort and vibes.

Slouchy Hobo Bag

You can select plenty of different patterns – from chic for a busy workweek to modern or classy – hobo bags are a must-have accessory.

The Bucket Bag

One of the best reasons to buy the bucket bag is the fact you can pull off any style with the accessory. These handbags have a neat and trendy drawstring, which provides you with a comfortable and gleaming vibe.

The Duffel Bag

Also known as the weekender handbag, the duffel carry-on bag is ideal if you're traveling and want store all your makeup, electronics and whatnot. It is the perfect purse to have with you on a weekend getaway. Plus, there are many patterns and colors you can select. If you travel a lot, then the duffel bag is your new best accessory.

The Cross-Body Handbag

For flexibility and freedom of movement, the cross-body handbag can become your new best pal. It is the perfect accessory for keeping all your essentials close while sporting a chick and trendy fashion statement.

Cross-body handbags have sturdy and flexible handles that can also be quickly adjusted. Plus, you can comfortably maneuver the front pocket or flap, reaching for your things without having to look down at the bag.

The bag isn't that heavy, and you should opt for a medium-size – if the purse is too small, you can kiss the functionality good-bye. But if it is too big and heavy your shoulder and back will start to ache, which is something that you don’t want, especially if you are a commuter.

Shoulder Handbag (Medium)

When it comes to a sleek and fashionable look, shoulder bags can make a chic statement. And along with being trendy, these purses provide a high degree of functionality and flexibility.

With a sporty appeal, shoulder bags enable quick mobility and enable to keep a slew of essential close to you. They are better than satchel bags in the sense that you don’t have to hold them using the handle.

Woman Wearing Shoulder Bag

Furthermore, there is a slew of different patterns and color combinations you can opt for – and you can even select different materials such as suede and leather.

Types Of Multipurpose Handbags

There are many types on multipurpose handbags, but here are most popular ones:

Concealed- Carry Handbag

These are handbags for women who like to stay armed for self-defense and absolutely deterrence. Concealed-Carry purses have hidden zipped-compartments where you can easily hide your .45 caliber.

Anti-Theft Purses

These handbags are built using sturdy materials, such as industry-grade polyester, which virtually makes the purse slash-proof. Plus, the bags have hidden compartments, which are a deterrent to pick-pockets.

Why Should Men Start Carrying Purses?

There is no doubt that men today carry a lot of stuff with them, just like women – which has made it essential for them to get a purse as well!

Well, not a purse exactly, but a man-bag or a man-purse. Whatever it is, carrying something comfortable, chic and functional can be advantageous and in light of this, mentioned below are some interesting reasons how men can benefit from a handbag of their own:

  • No more bulging pockets – It is certainly unsightly looking at men that have bulging pockets – as if they are about to explode! A man-bag or purse can help them keep their things in order
  • You don’t have to carry your electronics in a schoolbag – There are plenty of fashionable alternatives you can opt for when it comes to securely storing your laptops and tablets. You don’t have to carry them in an unsightly bag anymore
  • Money – Well, sure, money is to keep in the wallet, which goes straight in the back pocket – however, sometimes your wallet may end up looking like a bulging but-cheek, which is an instant turn off, not to mention uncomfortable

Handbags Vs. Backpacks – What Should You Opt Choose?

It all boils down to comfortability and functionality. The fact of the matter is while backpacks seem secure and easy to carry, handbags offer more convenience and flexibility. Apart from being fashionable, purses are a more secure option when you have to travel in a subway or walk back from work or your college.

Woman Wearing Handbag And Backpack

A shoulder bag, for example, is ideal when you're on the subway, you can relax and sleep with the bag securely on your shoulder. You don't have to worry about a pickpocket either. But with a backpack, you have to stay on edge, especially when you're standing in the bus or the train. They can easily be cut-into and slashed.

And if you have to stand on the train and there is a crow, you have to take it off to make room and hold like a regular bag anyways – so why not opt for a shoulder bag instead? You don’t have to hold a shoulder bag, which means less fatigue and lower back and neck stress.

You can carry a lot of stuff in a duffel or shoulder bag – your camera, tablet, smartphone and other electronics and miscellaneous items. A backpack is difficult to maneuver in, and they are heavy and offer no flexibility. You have to take it off from you back to access the main pocket to get stuff out, which is something you don’t have to do if you have a cross-body purse.

Moreover, you are more susceptible to losing your backpack than your handbag. There are so many instances where commuters have forgotten their bags after taking them for the ride.

People often forget they had a backpack at all – especially when you have to take it off and sit on the train or bus. That is exactly why shoulder purses are so convenient and flexible.

Another reason why you should opt for duffel or shoulder bag is that you can hide your weapon in it as well. There is a variety of concealed-carry purses you can use when you have to commute alone and over long distances.

Materials Used In Purses

There are different types of materials used in handbags:

Leather Bags

These bags are sturdy, come in chic and trendy shades and provide lasting durability if you frequently maintain the accessories. Plus, a majority of people believe that leather gets better the more it ages – which is all thanks to something known as ‘patina.' Over time, leather bags change color and shade. Overall, the material is timeless.

Canvas Bags

Canvas purses are durable too, which is because it has a sturdy weave and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Plus, the material is soft and lightweight, making your purse flexible and convenient to carry.

Canvas Purse

Cleaning And Maintenance

In light of this, mentioned below are some straightforward tips on cleaning your purses and handbags without any effort at all:

  • You can use products like “Rain and Stain” - Which is a repellant that can keep your handbag stain and spill-proof
  • Stuff your bag – When you're not using your handbag, stuff it full of crumpled newspaper so that it retains its shape
  • Don’t throw the dust-bag away – A majority of purses come with free dust-bags, so make full use of them – cover your favorite handbags with these products to keep them lint-free

While you may have heard people saying how much effort it takes to clean and maintain a handbag, the reality is a bit different.


All in all, now you know how to shop for your next favorite handbag and things that you need to consider buying something durable, fashionable and flexible.

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