Unisex Purses: Myth Or A New Trend

Unisex Purses: Myth Or A New Trend

In the US, purses and handbags are both words used interchangeably. Modern-day accessories such as crossbody bags and shoulder purses are stylish and very fashionable. But you will be surprised to know that a lot of men have also come into the fold, carrying trendy handbags to keep all their daily essentials close and readily accessible.

A Brief History Of Men Carrying Purses

You will be surprised to know that the history of men carrying purses dates back five thousand years. Handbags since then have considerably evolved. Archaeologists discovered “Otzi the Iceman” back in 1999 – a significant find, and the mummy is one of the oldest in Europe.

Man Holding Purse

Discovered in the Alps, what was even more surprising was the fact that there was something that looked like a handbag alongside him. Otzi underwent mummification with his man's purse. Later research revealed the accessory was created using chamois hide. Plus it also had a strap firmly stitched to it.

If you want evidence, just take a look at some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – which solemnly depict men carrying purses.

Why Have Man Purses Become So Popular Today?

Today, men have to carry just as much of things as women, if not more. And nothing is more unsightly than a bulging pocket.

There are just so many essential items such as chargers, tablets, documents, mints, cash, credit cards that men have to carry and not everything can fit into pockets. This reason is why guys resort to storing all their daily supplies in a stylish, manly purse.

Gender-busting has become a critical element in modern societies – and as proof, you may have seen Kanye West or Jaden Smith wearing skirts in public.

Small crossbody bags have become increasingly trendy these days, and we’re not referring to traditional satchel or duffel purses, but small, strapped accessories that eliminate the need for us to put anything than our car keys in our pockets.

Also popularly known as Tourist Bags, these portable and lightweight handbags have certainly made it into A-lister fashion. A majority of male celebrities have been seen carrying purses in their day to day lives. So, it is safe to say that the man with a purse trend is here to stay, permanently.

Why Should You Buy Purse If You Are A Man?

A report posted by the NPD Group revealed that bag sales for men in the year 2014 were $2.3 billion! And that is only in the US. What is even more surprising is the fact that men’s bag sales have become a primer for business growth in this sector of the industry.

Manufacturers strongly rely on men’s bag sales to grow and expand. There is a slew of reasons why you should invest in a crossbody purse or duffel-bag to keep your stuff safe and accessible. Apart from a fashion statement or trend-setting, one of the most common reasons why you should get a man bag is functionality, comfortability, and flexibility.

Two Men Surrounded By Purses

All necessities nearby and in order, you can reach down in your bag anytime you want and take out your tablet or charger without having to shift things – that is also a fantastic benefit of owning a man bag.

Moreover, man purses come in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and styles. You can select one or two that complement your dress sense and body-type. So, diversity is also another reason you should buy a handbag for your day to day commute.

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? Nobody like a pocket bulge or an extra but check in the form of a fat wallet. It drains your personality and takes a lot away from your wardrobe. With stylish handbags, you can fit absolutely everything you want, in one place.

It is such a hassle to carry your laptop or tablet around, especially if you are a daily commuter or if you walk home from work. And no, you don't look good wearing a suit and a school bag. That is primarily where a man purse comes into play, with anti-theft features and sturdy materials, you can store your electronic accessories without worrying about pick-pocketing.

Bottom Line

So there you go, all the reasons you need to buy a man purse and be proud, finally!



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