Travelon Anti-Theft Classing Mini Shoulder Bag Review

Travelon Anti-Theft Classing Mini Shoulder Bag Review

There is nothing like the perfect day bag to keep all essential items safely tucked inside when you are traveling. However, what to do when you have to go out in public carrying your credit cards and money?

If you are looking for a functional yet trendy bag that keeps all your basic equipment safe from prying eyes and thieves; it’s time to say goodbye to your old handbag that does little to protect your personal belongings. 

There are hundreds of anti-theft bags and purses available in the market that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Not only do they look great but also offer ultimate protection to keep your credit cards, smartphones, keys and money safe.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classing Mini Shoulder Bag

Everyone wants an anti-theft bag that strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality. Thanks to the Travelon Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag, you get a compact solution to keep all your precious stuff in just one place. 

This stylish handbag is designed to offer incredible storage features and protection with peace-of-mind. In addition to that, the bag offers multiple compartments to guarantee complete organization that you need when you are traveling out of town.

Being a high-quality slash-proof bag, it delivers impressive performance with long-lasting durability. Buyers are highly impressed with its premium adjustable shoulder straps which are easily attached to a chair post.

In addition to an impressive compartment, you also benefit from RFID card slots and an LED light. Women love this anti-theft cross body bag since it offers maximum protection from thieves and pickpockets, especially when you are traveling. 

If you are fond of choosing bags in deep colors, this handbag is available in a multitude of shades. This feature means you can also gift it to someone who likes both classic and contemporary looking bags.

If you want to purchase a safe and high-quality anti-theft bag for a loved one who is going on a trip; this is the best gift you can offer to them for keeping all precious belongings safe.

The proud creation from Travelon is ideal for the most demanding customers who prefer elegance over everything else. Don't underestimate its capabilities just because it's called a mini shoulder bag. You get super-organization features and maximum security with this impressive purse.

About The Product

There aren't too many shoulder bags that offer the same dimensions and storage that you get out of this beauty. Being incredibly light-weight, it weighs just 10 ounces and makes the best compact bag to hold your stuff.

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    Rear and front pockets
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    Good organization capabilities
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    Removable LED light
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    RFID blocking passport slots
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    Cut-proof adjustable strap 

The model is engineered to sustain heavy-duty use without succumbing to external elements. If you fear that a thief can easily rip your handbag open out in public; get hold of this mini shoulder bag to put an end to your fears, especially when you plan to enjoy sight-seeing. 

Travelon Anti-Theft Classing Mini Shoulder Bag Inside

The tough zippers, slash-resistant shoulder straps, and superior organization features make this a highly desirable anti-theft bag.

All bags undergo strict quality checks and follow superior anti-theft manufacturing technologies.  With impressive RFID protection, you get a pleasing design and a durable performance. 

This model is particularly popular among women who like to prefer petite shoulder bags but do not want to compromise on safety. This anti-theft bag comprises of a tough material that conceals a cable link system at the most crucial parts of the bag including the pockets, sides, and bottom.

This efficient system prevents bag slashers from cutting open the bag to make a steal.  Moreover, the compartments also offer discreet hooks to ensure that the bag remains closed and cannot be opened easily by pickpockets.

You also get impressive interior features to make the most out of organizational pockets and an RFID blocking sleeve. This bag is great for keeping your precious belongings safe in one place.

One of the best features of the bag is that it comes with a flashlight keychain so you can easily find all items in the dark. 

Moreover, the reinforced panels made out of high-tech chainlink stainless steel mesh are capable of combating all slashing attempts. The bag is great for safeguarding all your items so you can focus on your traveling experiences without having to worry about any theft.

What Others Say

This incredible mini shoulder bag from Travelon is a treat for the modern traveler. It is widely popular among hundreds of users who have purchased it from The model has received mostly positive reviews from a large number of customers. 

The bag offers incredible safety, organization, and peace of mind to the busy traveler who wants to keep her belongings safe from thieves and pickpockets.

Tough material and impressive storage make it one of the most popular anti-theft bags to provide more freedom to the modern traveler.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a durable and safe traveling accessory to stay safe when you are in public; we highly recommend the Travelon mini shoulder bag that offers an impressive blend of convenience and elegance. 

Travelon Anti-Theft Classing Mini Shoulder Bag


Traveling has never been this much fun. Thanks to the safety features you get out of this premium quality shoulder bag, you can now protect yourself without having to invest in an expensive model. 

You can order it today for just over $32 and enjoy a whopping discount of almost $13 if you purchase it from Amazon. 

Final Verdict 

This great looking traveling bag benefits from a tough construction. The lower part and strap of the bag guarantee maximum protection against bag slashers.

It is true that investing in the right kind of anti-theft accessory allows you to travel with all essential items without fearing thieves on a busy, crowded street. If you are on the lookout for a valuable gift to present to a friend who likes to travel frequently, this anti-theft shoulder bag from Travelon is sure to win hearts and compliments.

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