Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag Review

Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag Review

Are you looking for a classic-looking and affordable concealed gun purse that offers enough room to carry all your essential items and weapon in one place? The market features all kinds of CCW purses available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and specifications.

The kind of CCW bag you requires depends on the purposes. When you need a bag for everyday use, it is always good to check out messenger bags, handbags or purposes. Since these accessories are compact and have enough space for keeping everyday essentials, you can easily keep your wallet and credit cards.

There are also many water-resistant and spacious backpacks manufactured for the concealed carry holder. However, these models are more functional during a business or leisure trip.

Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag Storage

Moreover, it is important to evaluate a few aspects to find the best product that fits your needs. It is crucial to check reviews and ratings along with the material and storage compartments of a particular model before you decide to purchase it.

When you have chosen a great concealed carry purse, make sure it is backed by a good warranty so you can request an exchange or refund if you find any issues with your model.

One of the recent favorites is the Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag from Roma Leathers. The brand is currently leading the industry with a string of high quality and functional CCW purses to satisfy a large clientele. When it comes to quality, durability, performance, and storage; this top-notch CCW shoulder bag is the best product to choose.

About The Product

Regular purses present a danger for the concealed carry holder since these products fail to present a dedicated pocket to store a firearm safely. Even if a gun is secure in a holster, you don't get to have any mounting points to make sure that the gun is fastened and oriented in a particular direction for an instant draw.

If you have been guilty of carrying your handgun in a standard, shoulder-carry purse, now is the time to replace your bag with a new concealed carry purse. Since the bags are particularly designed to serve this purpose, you never have to worry about keeping your gun safe and away from children. Women who are always on the go can greatly benefit from such a functional accessory to tackle dangerous intruder, burglars or criminals.

This CCW purse by Roma Leathers is noted for its stitching, storage and security features. Here are a few of its features that make it ahead of its rivals. Product features:

  • check
    2 Lockable concealment compartments
  • check
    Multiple pockets and compartments
  • check
    Comes with 4 Keys
  • check
    Timeless design
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    Size: 13 in x 11 in x 5 in
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    Velcro positioning

This bag is handcrafted out of top-grain leather and features all the right things you seek in a high-quality CCW purse. Nobody will get to know what you are carrying in this aesthetically designed bag.

Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag Back Side

The model boasts a timeless design to cater to women of all ages. Thanks to its premium quality leather and functional shoulder carry design; you get to experience both comfort and durability.

The CCW purse is a fine creation by Roma Leathers that offers impressive storage features to keep your weapon safe. Reinforced stitching complements premium cowhide leather. One of the best features of this impressive CCW handbag is its high-quality zippers.

Another great thing about the purse is its impressive gun compartment pouch that features two YKK lockable zippers. It doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed; the bag is designed to serve both types of users.

The gun compartment is Velcro lined for accurate gun positioning. It measures 7- /2 inches x 10 inches. The bag also contains multiple pockets, so you never have to worry about carrying other essential items such as your Smartphone, keys, and accessories.

These additional compartments give the handbag an edge over other models that fail to provide the kind of storage capabilities a buyer is looking for in a CCW purse. Moreover, you get a shoulder strap wrapped around strong silver grommets to give a trendy look to the purse.

What Others Say

It is true that ordinary purses do not offer any safety or convenience for the concealed carry holder. This reason is why the Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag by Roma Leathers currently ranks as one of the most popular CCW purses on

Buyers who have invested in this model are happy with their purchase and consider it worth the money. Not only it offers incredible storage, but it is also made out of high-quality materials and unbreakable zippers to provide ultimate durability. Users report that the gun stays securely fastened and always in a specific direction for a safe and quick draw.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for an affordable, durable and high-quality CCW purse that never disappoints you in an emergency situation; trust in the capabilities of the Leather Locking Concealment shoulder bag by Roma Leathers. It is more durable than most models that are available for the same price.

Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag


The brand is famous for its long lasting and safe CCW purses and takes great pride in manufacturing the best of CCW handbags. This particular model is a treat for women who like to travel with their concealed weapon in public.

The concealed carry purse has garnered a good share of positive reviews from over 200 customers on Amazon who like the purse for its safe and easy to access gun compartment. If you are looking to purchase a classic CCW purse that provides good storage and safety capabilities, order the CCW purse from Roma Leathers today from Amazon for just around $80.

Final Verdict

The carry concealed purse is made out of high-quality leather and features striking zippers with durable stitching. The genuine cowhide leather guarantees a durable performance. Since you can keep small to medium sized handguns in the spacious compartment, it is easy to access your weapon irrespective of its size.

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