Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Concealed Carry Purse

Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A Concealed Carry Purse

To be honest, the headlines could be pretty scary. We hear about carjackings, break-ins, and robberies on a daily basis. Throughout the US, many women are enrolling in self-defense classes at unprecedented levels.

A majority of women are also considering buying a handgun for more protection and security. In fact, women are one of the most rapidly growing demographics that have concealed carry permits.

Why You Should Purchase A Concealed Carry Purse

A majority of concealed carry purses have pouches, special pockets and concealment areas specifically designed to hide and effectively holster a gun. Most concealed carry women purse makers build a convenient holster right inside the handbag.

Two Young Girls Wearing CCW Purse

Another reason for a concealed carry purse is that it allows for an easy and firm grasp and draw of your weapon and offers a hidden compartment and sturdy platform at the same time.

Moreover, a lot of purses feature lockable zippers, allowing women to keep the gun away from kids. Although there is no denying that it is a big decision to carry a concealed weapon, it is the job of every woman to take full responsibility for her safety and not rely on men all the time.

Women live and work in an increasingly perilous world fraught with crime and attacks. The results of a study conducted by criminologist Gary Kleck revealed that assault and robbery victims who used their gun as a means of resistance were less susceptible to injury and attack compared to those victims who resorted to other methods of self-protection.

Another research study published recently in the Journal of Criminology showed that if a person draws their concealed gun in self-defense, the assailant or robber retreats about 56% of the time. This reason is why a concealed carry purse has become indispensable for women in today's day and age.

Another reason for getting a concealed carry purse is to protect other people around you such as friends and family members. There are several instances of potential mass shootings which have been averted by people who carried a firearm.

The media is replete with such news stories. Also, the Armed Citizen column in the NRA includes countless cases where a variety of attacks and crimes have been pre-empted or halted by armed citizens.

You can also learn plenty more about self-defense and gun safety by carrying a concealed weapon because you will need to go through quite extensive training or classes to successfully apply for the concealed carry permit.

During training, you can get answers to any hesitations or questions you have regarding gun safety or firearms adequately. You are also likely to learn the nitty-gritty of self-defense. Also, you will learn all you need to know regarding the gun laws of your state.

Protect Yourself Against Crime

Carrying concealed handguns can also deter crime. States that enforced laws in favor of concealed carry permits managed to lower murders by 9 percent, aggravated assaults by nearly 7 percent, rapes by 4.5 percent, and theft by almost 3 percent.

On the other hand, states that had a more restrictive policy on concealed-carry permits have almost 10 percent higher murder rates. A study published in Applied Economic Letters in 2013 reported this fact.

Woman Holding Gun

Moreover, if you are a woman, carrying a handgun can make you more careful. A majority of people who tend to carry concealed weapons claim that whenever they carry, they benefit from increased situational awareness.

You will need to be more aware of the surroundings if you want to defend yourself. And carrying a concealed firearm gives you a sufficiently good reason to have increased awareness about what is happening around you. As a result, you will be more aware and alert of your surroundings.


Finally, carrying a concealed carry purse can give you more confidence. A research study published in the National Opinion Research showed that nearly 60 percent of individuals who carried a firearm or gun reported that carrying it makes them more confident and secure.

If you carry a concealed carry purse, it can increase your feeling of security and safety, especially when heading out in dangerous areas or alone at night because you know you can defend yourself against an assailant.



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