The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Concealed Carry Purse

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Concealed Carry Purse

Do you fear to get into a situation where you are under threat? As a woman, the last thing you would want to do is to fumble around in your handbag in search of any potential weapon.

Even a second can mean the difference between life and death. If you are a woman, who likes to carry a gun for protection, get yourself a concealed carry purse. When you have a concealed carry permit, you can easily carry your gun in a handbag that is designed to serve the purpose.

Black Concealed Carry Handbag

Although, all kinds of concealed carry handbags have been joked about and ridiculed by many; nothing can replace the ease and security they bring. Not only these purses are available in various sizes and models; the accessories also make sure that a girl or woman can safely defend herself during an unforeseen situation.

Although a few people have different opinions on carrying a concealed weapon, it is true that a woman can protect herself better if she keeps a gun hidden inside their woman purse. Other ways allow women to carry weapons on her body; however, nothing is as convenient as carrying a CCW purse.

Since the purses are specially manufactured to hold weaponry; you will never get disappointed with its storage and durability features. In addition to that, you must also consider the design, size, and material before you invest money into the best purse for concealed carry.

In this buying guide, we aim to highlight all the factors you must take into account before purchasing the best CCW purse. We have also reviewed a few products so potential buyers can easily pick a model according to their needs and budget.

Here are some of the best best-concealed carry handbags that are currently available in the market.

Best CCW Purse

Here are our top recommendations for the best CCW purse:

Winner: Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Shoulder Bag

Topping our recommendation list, the Leather Locking Concealment shoulder bag by Roma Leathers is the best CCW purse you purchase for this price. Manufactured by Roma Leathers, the model is a proof of the brand's commitment to engineering the most durable and functional CCW handbags for women who like to travel with protection.

  • check
    2 Lockable concealment compartments
  • check
    You get to keep 4 Keys
  • check
    Contemporary look
  • check
    Size: 13 in X 11 in X 5 in
  • check
    Velcro positioning
  • check
    Multiple pockets and compartments

The carry concealed purse is manufactured out of high-quality leather and features impressive zippers and stitching. The genuine cowhide leather not only looks great but also adds to the durability of the bag. Users benefit from a dedicated concealed carry pocket that offers easy and quick access.

Women can keep small to medium sized handguns in this compartment. This product measures four inches deep, nine inches tall and twelve inches wide. The bag features a gun compartment on the right side with unbeatable YKK lockable zippers. Since the gun compartment features Velcro, you can easily keep a gun in an appropriate position.

Roma Leathers Leather Locking CCW Shoulder Bag



One of the best features of the model is that you get four keys if you lose any. Another great feature is the adjustable and removable holster that comes with this original leather locking gun bag.

You also get a zipper pocket to keep your phone on the left side of the bag. Since the bag is designed to cater to both right and left-handed women; it currently ranks one of the best CCW purses that combines everything you seek in a high-quality handbag.

Although a few users have found it a bit heavy (the bag weighs two pounds), that's largely due to its genuine leather content. You will be happy to notice that even the straps comprise of tough leather material.

The concealed carry purse currently enjoys massive popularity with mostly positive reviews on where over 200 customers have purchased the model. If you are looking to buy a chick looking CCW purse that offers impressive features and storage capabilities, order it today for just around $80.

Runner-Up: Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Crossbody Handbag

Reaching our runner-up spot, the Juno concealed carry the purse by Valkri is designed with safety, features, and fashion in mind. If you are looking for a high-quality handbag that comes with a durable interior to keep your weapon in place; the Juno comes with an impressive interior and exterior finish.

  • check
    Manufactured out high quality and durable materials
  • check
    Holster included
  • check
    Imprinting proof
  • check
    Can safely keep compact guns up to 5 inches in height
  • check
    Dimensions: 12"l x 5.5"w x 9"h

You also get a wire reinforced shoulder strap with a 24" drop along with adjustable velcro holster for positioning your handgun to guarantee easy access. What’s great about this concealed carry pure is its roomy interior that features multiple pockets.

Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Crossbody Gun Purse



The slash resistant shoulder strap does not wear out, and women get quick access on both sides for a left hand and right-hand draw. A padded layer ensures discrete concealment and also reduces tampering from outside or inside the purse.

The model is also available in black color. The Juno has received mostly favorable reviews from both critics and users. Dozens of customers who have invested in this incredible CCW purse consider it a great investment. You can purchase it for around $60 to get free shipping on each order.

Alternative: Roma Leathers YKK Locking CCW 7082

Another product to score great scores in multiple reviews is the Roma Leathers 7082 concealed carry purse. The model is not just great to look at but also features an adjustable shoulder strap best for its cross-body design.

  • check
    Manufactured out of cowhide leather
  • check
    2 Lockable YKK Zippers
  • check
    Great for both right and left handed individuals
  • check
    Multiple pockets for maximum storage
  • check
    Trendy design
  • check
    Size : 12" x 9"

What’s great about the compartment is that a YKK lockable zipper secures it. The bag offers multiple compartments for maximum storage and convenience to function as a trendy way to protect you.

Since the bag is a creation by Roma Leathers, a leading manufacturer and supplier of genuine leather bags for over two decades, you expect nothing but the best of materials in its production. The brand takes great pleasure in delivering high-quality products to maintain its reputation for manufacturing durable and trendy handbags.

Leather Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse



Multiple pockets and functional design make sure you get what you seek in a CCW purse. The bag successfully retains its shape, and it doesn't crumple. This bag is great for the price.

The bag is a perfect accessory for holding your handgun, wallet, keys, and Smartphone. Over 100 customers have bought the product from where it enjoys mostly positive reviews. The bag is available for almost $60 on Amazon.

2nd Alternative: Magnum Concealed Carry Handbag By Purse King

Women who are on the lookout for a lightweight over the shoulder bag to have instant access to their handgun, the Magnum Concealed Carry Handbag offers the best solution. The bag benefits from a minimal design and is available in a wide array of colors.

  • check
    Durable and soft vegan Leather
  • check
    Wide and tough shoulder strap
  • check
    Spacious gun pocket
  • check
    Available in various colors
  • check
    Slots for cell phone and credit cards

The gun pouch in is engineered to keep all small and medium-sized handguns. There is no Velcro holster or lock on this pouch design. You get a zippered pouch that gives you instant access to your gun. This reason is why women love this handbag for its easy and quick retrieval capabilities.

The gun purse measures 11 x 10 x 3 inches. If you are looking for a denim color, the model is available in a trendy blue jean shade. The model is a fabulous creation from Purse King which is a reputed American boutique handbag designer.

Purse King Magnum Concealed Carry Handbag



This particular model is popular thanks to its minimalism and functionality. Since it is available in many colors; women of all ages can easily choose a color according to their taste and lifestyle.

A durable and stain resistant material complements the light-weight design of the bag. You get an incredibly durable product built for long-term use. The Purse King has two front zip pockets with a cell phone pouch and credit card slots to keep all valuables safe.

With multiple compartments and a safe gun compartment, you can easily access your weapon for easy drawling. All types of guns easily fit inside including a full-size revolver.

The model is a huge success on Amazon where dozens of users have given rave reviews about the product. If you are interested in buying this item, you can get it from multiple buyers. The price starts from $48.

Best Crossbody Carry Purse

Let's take a look on our top pick for the best crossbody carry purse:

Black Crossbody Or Shoulder Carry CCW Gun Bag

Another fine creation by Roma F.C. to get featured on our recommendation list; the Black Crossbody purse currently ranks as the hottest products among handbag lovers. The model looks great and offers ultimate versatility and storage capabilities.

  • check
    Premium and durable leather
  • check
    Offers ultimate versatility and storage features
  • check
    Velcro Holster for keeping your weapon in place
  • check
    Lockable Concealment Compartment
  • check
    High-quality zippers

You can carry the bag over the shoulder or benefit from its cross-body design. The high-quality bag ensures that you store your weapon with 100% safety. You can hold the gun in place thanks to its Velcro holster so that it doesn't move around when you are on the go.

Moreover, you can also use the bag for storing valuables including jewelry or your cell phone. The model features an adjustable and removable holster. The best feature of the bag is that you get five spacious and zippered compartments to ensure maximum storage.

Black Crossbody Leather Locking Concealment Purse



This CCW purse offers multiple storage compartments to keep all your precious belongings in one place. You won't need to switch bags if you want to go out with your gun.

Like all other bags from this leading manufacturer, this stunning black CCW bag comprises of premium leather. This weatherproof bag is sure to last for many years.

Thanks to an impressive double stitching system; you get a durable product that is not difficult to carry. Buyers who have purchased the model are greatly impressed with its storage, durability and material type.

The Black Crossbody or Shoulder Carry CCW purse is hugely popular among buyers on The product has garnered a good share of positive reviews. All interested buyers can purchase the model from Amazon for $57.

Status Of Concealed Carry In Your State

According to the ‘open carry’ laws, people can carry legally obtained firearms in public without concealing their weapons. However, the case of concealed carry is a little complicated. Concealed carry is the act of discretely and legally carrying a firearm, which includes a handgun, in public.

Although, every gun owner and concealed carry permit holder has varying motives for keeping their firearm in a public place, the most common reason is for personal protection and safety.

In most parts of America, concealed carry needs a permit for the gun owner to keep their hidden firearm in public legally. All states of the United States of America have different requirements for a concealed carry permit, such as for permit renewals, background checks and knowledge about firearms.

It is important to get to know about the rules and regulations about concealed carry in your state before investing in a CCW purse.

Factors To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your CCW Purse

Although, there are hundreds of CCW purses with different storage and specifications available in the market, choosing the right model that fits your needs can be tricky. Make sure you only purchase a premium quality bag that does not succumb to harsh weather or everyday wear tear.

Concealed Carry Purses

Most CCW handbags offer adequate storage options to keep all items in one place. This functionality goes a long way to preserving all your belongings in a single place without having to switch to another bag for keeping your weapon. Let's take a look at the factors that you should consider before purchasing a CCW bag.

Quality And Durability

It only makes sense to check reviews and ratings before you purchase a bag to carry something as important as a handgun. The handbag should pass strict quality checks to ensure that your weapon does not slip out of the bag easily.

Moreover, it always helps to choose a bag of durable and high-quality leather over a cheap imitation or fake material. Most CCW purses are available for $80-$300. Choose a bag that offers the best of both worlds and still fits your budget.


Another crucial factor in assessing before buying a CCW purse is its storage features. Most bags have a decent gun compartment but fail to provide other sections for storing valuables such as keys, smartphones, and accessories.

It is a great idea to purchase a single bag to keep all personal items, including your handgun, in one place. Go for a product that features a spacious gun compartment. Most bags are ideal for both left and right-handed users.

You should also check the strap of a CCW bag to know whether the bag is manufactured to serve for a long time. Some other common features of a CCW purse are locking zippers and holster to keep your gun secured. Make sure the zippers on your desired bag are made out of high-quality materials and grant easy access.

Some CCW bags have reinforced straps with cable lines, so they don't get slashed by criminals easily. However, this feature does not always go well with women who prefer comfort over everything else.

Choose The Right Size

Obviously, a CCW purse that offers good storage features and boasts a durable construction may not be attractive if you don't find the size you need. Although large-sized CCW purses give you extra room and spacious compartments; they can become heavier and bulkier.

However, smaller purses are easy to carry anywhere since they feature a minimal and light-weight design.

Settle for a medium-sized CCW handbag if you don't want a heavier bag but need adequate storage. There are also sling bags, fanny/waist packs and messenger bags that are popular for carrying guns.

Easy And Quick Access

Always remember that the real purpose of purchasing a CCW bag is to keep your weapon concealed and safe when you are out in public. Since your bag is meant to serve as a tool for your protection, make sure you check the gun compartment before buying a model.

Taking Gun From Purse

Since all CCW handbags must provide easy and quick access to the gun compartment make sure you choose a model that does not disappoint you o avoid confusion and chaos during an emergency situation. Having a separate compartment that offers sufficient space is undeniably the most crucial element of a concealed carry purse.


Although style or fashion is the last thing you should consider before purchasing a CCW bag, the design of the bag is still a valuable factor to consider before choosing the best CCW handbag.

However, make sure you check the safety capabilities of your gun compartment to know whether you have quick and effortless access to your gun while facing danger in public.

Since modern brands are committed to manufacturing the best looking CCW bags, today's buyers are sure to come across several unique designs.

It is important to choose an elegant looking or a trendy CCW handbag that does a great job of concealing your gun. It should also provide enough room to store your belongings.

Complete A Training Class

Once you know why you need a CCW bag and how you intend to use it; you can easily purchase a good quality CCW purse according to your needs and lifestyle.

The first check is to check with the CCW laws in your state. Since a few states have strict regulations regarding concealed carry, it may be difficult for you to get a permit.

However, if you have all the right reasons to choose a CCW purse that looks great and provides a great storage compartment for your weapon; there are plenty of options available to you.

Experts believe women should not invest money in a CCW bag if they don't know how they will use the product to their benefit. Since retrieving your gun from the compartment can be tricky, we recommend that women must undertake a training class to figure out how they can benefit the most.

Instructors also believe that women should also get to know about different guns and how they operate before they purchase a CCW bag. In this way, they can avoid any unfortunate accidents that may arise due to concealed carry.


We have attempted to guide you to the best available CCW handbags and purses that are currently available in the market. Every bag offers different storage capabilities with varying pockets and sizes. It is up to you to decide on the kind of bag that suits your needs.

Concealed Purse

Why should women be forced to compromise style for function? Brands continue to create impressive CCW purses in an attempt to strike the perfect balance between fashion and function.

It is important to purchase a model that offers impressive storage and allows women to flaunt their style uniquely. These bags are great ways to conceal your gun when you are in public and are also functional accessories to store your other items.

Make sure you check out reviews and ratings of a product before you invest in a model. A good quality CCW bag boasts a pleasant design and also includes adjustable and removable elements so you can use the bag according to your style.

By following the points mentioned in this buying guide, you can successfully choose the best CCW purse that is durable, features a contemporary look and provides impressive storage compartments.

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