What Are Anti Theft Purses?

What Are Anti Theft Purses?

Going through all these items, you may have wondered it worth getting anti-theft gear? And more specifically do you require an anti-theft purse? An anti-theft bag is often marketed to travelers as it can prevent, deter or, at a minimum, delay theft. A majority of anti-theft purses are a cross body and have secret pockets.

Many of these purses have metal mesh straps designed to prevent slashing, while other anti-theft purses have RFID pockets. These special pockets can prevent your credit cards and passport from being scanned.

Why You Need An Anti Theft Purse?

There are many reasons you can benefit from carrying an anti-theft purse instead of a regular bag. These purses are designed keeping safety, security and contemporary fashion in mind, giving you peace of mind whenever and where ever you travel.

Woman with an anti-theft purse.

Locking Zippers

One of the most important and best features of an anti-theft travel purse is its locking zippers. This feature can make it virtually impossible for a pickpocket or thief to unzip your purse and reach inside easily.

This feature will help keep even the smartest of pickpockets at bay. Although it may take a little bit of time to get used to it, these anti-theft purses certainly help with security.

Anti-Alash And Crossbody Shoulder Straps

It is evident that robbers and thieves have an easy time slashing the straps of a standard purse. As a result, the purse falls off the shoulder easily and slips right into the hands of those sneaky robbers.

This reason is why a majority of anti-theft cross body purses feature anti-slash straps which are very difficult to cut. Moreover, the crossbody style allows your purse to hang by your hip. This feature makes it much easier to keep an eye on it.

RFID Card Blocking

You may not know this, but the most tech-savvy criminals can easily scan and steal all your passport and credit card information while these documents are inside your purse. Isn’t that scary! You will not even realize that someone stole your sensitive information.

And by the time you know it, it will be too late. The good news is that anti-theft purses have RFID card blocking slots built into the purse. This feature helps ensure that nobody can access your private information.

Available In Variety Of Colors

It is obvious that if you are going to get a purse or bag, you will like to ensure it is available in the color you like the most. Although choosing your favorite color is not exactly a security feature, it would help make sure you stay updated on the latest fashion trends.

More Space

A purse or bag could be extremely safe, but in case there is not enough room for all your items it is practically worthless! This part is where you will benefit from having an anti-theft purse as it has sufficient space to hold and secure all your basics items. These purses can easily hold your phone, wallet and power bank; some models can even hold an umbrella if required.

Peace Of Mind

Even if some people claim that their opinion regarding whether an anti-theft bag or purse keeps them safe from pickpockets is yet inconclusive, these purses offer you the peace of mind you deserve on a trip.

This feature is perhaps their biggest benefit. It always helps if you have something additional on you that can alleviate some of the paranoia and insecurity of travel. It is also a perfect solution if you are not too big on carrying a gun.

Rather than wearing the backpack or purse in front of you, or frequently checking on your personal effects, you will have peace of mind knowing that all your valuables are safe and secure inside the anti-theft purse.

Anti Theft Purse Features

All these features and benefits make an anti-theft purse or bag a worthy purchase.

RFID Chips

As there is a considerable risk that a thief or robber can easily scan every credit card or passport in your purse or wallet without even touching you, purse manufacturers have come up with a feature that alleviates customers’ concern. RFID-safe purses and bags featurelined with special metal material lining, which keeps the thieves from scanning your confidential information.

Multi Pocket RFID Purse

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

For enhanced flexibility and comfortable fit, a majority of anti-theft purses and bags have adjustable shoulder straps. Adjustable shoulder straps are trendy and a common feature in most ladies' purses. This popularity is mainly due to one simple reason: these purses look good!

It is always good to feel optimistic and hope you would never be in a nasty situation with someone holding a gun to your head or threatening you some other way; however, it always helps if you take suitable precautions.

Thieves tend to go after the easiest targets in a crowd. This feature implies that if you carry a bag or purse that you can easily pull out of the hand, like a clutch, it will make a swift payday for any thief. However, many anti-theft purses have adjustable shoulder straps, meaning that a robber or thief will need to lift the purse or wallet over your head to steal it.

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